XEON Digital System Features

Fast Forward And Rewind Control: One of the most unique features of our digital system allows your customer to fast-forward and rewind any movie at any time (even if 20 booths are showing the same movie).

Fast Forward and Rewind Controls

Channel Change Control: Since most businesses have high channel requirements, we have engineered our system to allow your customer to step through each channel, both up and down.

Channel Change Up and Down

Stepping Speed: This feature allows your customer to advance to other channels at a faster rate.

Volume Control: You may have noticed an inconsistency in the audio level of your DVDs. Once again, Videotel has listened to our customer’s needs. Each booth has its own volume buttons which allows your customer to set the audio level themselves. This is an important feature due to the fact that some customers may prefer a lower volume.

Volume Control

Alarm System: In the event a housing is vandalized, an alarm will sound in the booth and all computers connected to the server. Along with the audible alarm, remaining booth credits will be cleared and the occupied and vacant lights on the outside of the booth will flash. The booth screen will also display a burglary warning.
Character Insert: Informs the customer of the channel number he is viewing and the amount of time remaining. The “character insert” is displayed directly on the TV screen and is activated when a channel is changed or money is inserted. Once the display is activated, it will stay on the screen for a few seconds. When a customer’s remaining time drops below 30 seconds the display will reappear and countdown the remaining time available.
“Stand By” Screen: We employ full motion video which displays numerous models and instructions when booths are in stand-by mode. Using a new approach, we eliminated the annoying issue of “phosphor burn in” which will ruin your monitor in a short time.
Time Decreaser: Custom software allows management to change and set the viewing time allowed per 25¢ or dollar. To maximize peak time, management can program a gradual viewing time decreaser which is activated by increased booth activity.
Feature Changes: Because the software that manages the system is so versatile we are now able to implement new and exciting features. One of our first digital system customers requested that we disable the fast-forward and rewind buttons until a five dollar bill is inserted. We successfully implemented this idea and is now an option on the system settings screen if you wish to use it. We also added a new feature that decreases time faster only when “Buddy Glass” is cleared. We are now able to set time per booth instead of setting one time for all booths.
Communication Ready: Your computer is equipped with a modem and communication software. With a telephone line or High-speed Internet connection you have full access to your system from anywhere in the world.
Power Loss Protection: In the event of a power loss, your system is fully protected. Should you lose power, the battery back-up will continue running the server for approximately 20 minutes. If power remains off, the server will safely shut itself down.