The "Touch Switch System"
Our Touch Panel eliminates problems with "stuck & damaged" buttons and also eliminates the "menagerie" of wires behind push buttons.
Looks the same? It may appear to be the same as our other housings but look closely. You'll notice that there are not any buttons on the outside of the housing. Due to new "touch switch" technology, (a Videotel innovation), we are able to place all customer controls behind the 1/4" protective glass. Today this setup is available with any booth or housing.

4 products found in Housings

Xeon Housing
  • $865.00
Quad In One Touch Housing (Angled or Flat)
  • $645.00
Touch Housing (Angled or Flat)
  • $645.00
Sidewall Mount 30”x 31 1/2” Stainless Housing
  • $435.00