XEON HD Digital System
It can’t be done. Never. Impossible. Familiar words, only to be proven wrong in the end. We at Videotel know challenges, we pioneered the first 8 channel video arcade in 1981, the 30 channel in 1984, and jumped up to 255 channels in 1990. We also invented the “quad system” and the “touch panel”. We love obstacles, we get excited by them and we are excited about our “DIGITAL VIDEO ARCADE SYSTEMS”.

By using digital technology we can now store every movie on a computer hard drive. Imagine eliminating every DVD player in your arcade and replacing it with something about the size of an average file cabinet. Dramatically reducing electrical use and eliminating all costs associated with maintaining and replacing DVD players.

Savings and simplicity are one thing, pleasing your customers are another. Our system not only produces a DVD quality picture, it also allows your customer to fast forward and rewind every channel. As for reliability, it's nice to know your system will perform day in and day out, backed by multiple safeguards and a company that's just a phone call away. It’s what makes us the world leader in adult video arcades, and it’s why the most demanding clients in the U.S. and around the world trust us to perform.

We currently have over 150 digital systems operating over 2,200 booths throughout the United States.
The greatest technology to hit peep show systems just got better. Videotel’s latest innovation takes our proven Digital System Software and installed it on a faster and more reliable computer.

Here are some advantages of our latest release...
    • We have eliminated the need for multiple “streaming computers”. Instead of needing 5 computers to run 200 channels, we can now do it on 2!
    • The new processing/streaming computers use a Dual Quad-Core Intel Processor.
    • Now movies can be processed 2 times faster. This allows you to change up to 25 movies per day.
    • New smaller, compact and simpler rack. Our new computer rack system is only 26” wide x 34” deep and the top of the monitor is only 58” tall. With fewer computers, the wiring is even easier then before. All of our racks are pre wired and each cable has been numbered for ease of installation and trouble free maintenance.
    • Less electricity usage (consumes almost 1/2 of the electricity of our original 200 channel digital system).
    • Lower purchase price.
    • All hard drives that run the system are now” hot swappable raid drives”. This means that if 1 of the drives fails the other 1 or 2 drives will take over automatically. The system operates exactly the same until a new drive is added. Zero downtime if a hard drive fails.


Hot Swappable Raid Drives

12 products found in Digital System

Xeon Arcade Server System
  • From $8,700.00
STB Power Supply (Same Supply For All Digital System Booth Electronics)
  • $58.00
Digital XEON HDI STB Booth Controller
  • From $845.00
QPROX Touch Panel (XEON Digital System)
  • $210.00
Vacant Fixture with LED Bulb
  • $19.50
Occupied Fixture with LED Bulb
  • $19.50
12VDC 3 Micro LED Cluster Type Wedge Bulb
  • $3.95
Small Rectangular Housing Speaker
  • $14.50
5 1/4" Speaker
  • $19.00
2 Slot 5/8" Barrel Lock
  • $14.50
4 Pin Mini Din (Speaker / Bill Trigger Wire For Touch Panel)
  • $16.00
5' Gray Cat5 Patch Cord for Touch Panels & Ethernet
  • $8.75