Commonly Asked Questions

How do the movies upload into the system?
You may change movies as you would with the traditional system. Instead of ejecting and loading new DVDs into 10-200 DVD players, you load them into one disc changer.
How many channels and booths may I operate?
The mini system is capable of playing 62 channels in 10 different booths. The larger system is capable of playing 60, 100 or 200 channels in up to 60 different booths.
Sample system set ups:
  • 8 booths, running 62 channels and 20 additional “pre-load” channels.
  • 15 booths, running 100 channels and 20 additional “pre-load” channels.
  • 35 booths, running 180 channels and 20 additional “pre-load” channels.
What is a “pre-load” channel?
When a new 2 ½ hour DVD is added to our system it roughly takes 45 minutes to process. For example if you load 30 new DVDs and they are each 2 1/2 hours each, it will take about 24 hours before all 30 movies are able to be viewed in the booths. To eliminate confusion with your customers, we suggest allocating some “pre load” channels. For example, if you have a 200 channel system and wish to change 20 movies per week, you would set the system to play 180 channels in each booth. To change your DVDs you would eject the least watched 20 DVDs from the arcade section then transfer 20 movies from the “pre load” section. The 20 movies that you just added are already processed and instantly available in each booth. Now you may load 20 new movies in the “pre load” section. Over the next 15 hours, these DVDs will process in the background and be available the next time you change your movies.
Will our system make you more money?
Not only will this system save you money on maintenance and electricity, but customer reports have shown an average increase of 30% in revenue. We attribute this mostly to the fast forward and rewind buttons. We receive many surveys from that indicate this is our #1 feature. The idea that you won’t have stuck, pixelated or blank channels is also a plus for our customers. Since the typical costs associated with adding a large number of channels is no longer there, most stores that upgrade to the digital system are doubling the number of channels they offer their customers. This will also help the bottom line.
I noticed a “monthly software license charge” on my quote. What is this for?
As technology progresses, so does the way of doing business. The system you are considering buying is 90% software. The hardware (computer, hard drives, routers, etc) are fairly generic. We currently utilize Intel motherboards and Seagate hard drives. What makes our system so unique is the software that was designed for it. Today’s software is constantly evolving and changing. In order to maintain our system and keep it running properly it requires periodic updates and maintenance. The software license fee covers various aspects. First, we supply updates and “patches” for bugs that may develop over time or that are caused by unpredictable situations. We also update the encoding software as needed. With thousands of companies making DVDs, we have found a significant variance with how manufacturers encode each disc. We also provide periodic system feature updates. For example, fast forward and rewind buttons can be disabled. This feature requires the customer to deposit a $5, $10 or $20 bill. As our customers request software changes, we share them with all digital system customers. Features are easily activated or deactivated through our management computer. A few examples of recently added customer requested features: If your store is equipped with buddy booths, you are now able to decrease the time when the buddy glass is cleared or the shutter is lifted. You are now able to control the time in each booth separately. For example, you can allow 3 minutes per dollar in your existing booths and provide 2 minutes per dollar in your deluxe booths. Keep in mind that even AFTER the software fee, the average store will STILL save more than $5,000 per year in maintenance and electricity.