System Conversions

Videotel’s exclusive Digital Conversion allows you to upgrade your existing system with minimal interruption. This assures your new booths will increase your revenue immediately!
When converting from your existing system to our new Digital System, it is not necessary to replace each component of your system. If you wish, you may use your existing booths, TV’s, bill/coin acceptors and housings. We have designed numerous conversion plates and boxes for almost every video system.
Whether you have a VGR, Simplex, Phase 3, Showtech, Goalie, International Amusement or a home made system, we have or can design a simple conversion kit for you.
Each conversion comes with a touch panel allowing your customer to change channels, adjust volume, fast forward, rewind and access quad channels (if applicable). The connections from our “STB” (Set Top Box) to your existing system is as follows:
  • 1 Wire from the main server
  • 1 “Video” wire to your TV
  • 2 “Credit” wires that easily connect to your bill or coin acceptor
  • 1 “Occupied” wire that connects to your occupied light
  • Standard AC power cord
If you have existing mechanical buttons, they will be removed and replaced with plugs. If you have an existing channel and time indicator, it will be disabled. The current channel and time remaining will display on the TV for a few seconds after a channel is changed or money is deposited.
In just a few hours your store will be a newly supercharged money maker equipped with all our new features. Your customers will enjoy navigating a large selection of up to 200 channels, using fast forward, rewind and volume control with the highest quality of sight and sound imaginable.
It is also possible to customize a harness to utilize your existing buttons. We can also include mechanical fast forward, rewind and play buttons.
VGR Conversion Plate
Terminus Plate