Lake Powell 2023

Hi Powellers! We wanted to put together a link for some easy answers to common questions.

Here is the dinner menu and schedule

(We have a few food allergies on boat:  Lisa - Red pepper, Cayenne pepper & Paprika / Ava -Walnuts, tree nuts)

Here is our crew:

  • Lisa, Mark, Gavin, Maddy, Ava and Randi - Leaving our house at noon on Friday 6/23
  • Chris, Aneyda, Aden, Dany and Dallas - Will be in Page by 7pm on Friday (might head out Thursday and stay at our house or drive straight to Page on Friday morning)
  • Rob, Julie, Gavin, Ian and Payton - Will be in Page by 7pm on Friday
  • Tom, Sandy, Payton, McKenna and Jahazie - TBD

What to bring:

Beach towels
Shower towels
Sunscreen- don’t forget ! No store anymore
All fluids booze, non booze - including seltzers, sodas, juice, milk, etc.
Refillable water bottle (Boat has a ton of 5 gallon water bottles)
Bedding (sheets, pillows, blankies)

Here is the plan:

  • Friday 6/23
    • We plan to stop at the local Super Walmart and buy basic fluids  (beer, seltzers, Gatorade, etc). They have a huge selection of all food, drinks and snacks but DO NOT BUY HARD LIQUOR HERE.
    • If we have enough time we will stop at a local restaurant and eat dinner (We "could" eat on the boat but  found after unloading its a late night to cook too).
    • Desert Diamond is stored here and they open the gates for us at 7pm. We will load the boat and sleep on the boat, in the lot... here is the video of the inside :).
  • Saturday 6/24
    • Pink swim suit day
    • We leave the lot at around 6:30am...they drive the houseboat to the marina and launch it  for us
    • We follow and the Malibu and X-Star group will launch at a different ramp and meet the houseboat on the water
    • We typically start heading up lake around 9:30am
    • We can't tow the ski boats until we pass Antelope Marina or get  through the "cut"
    • The Castle Rock Cut might be open is the water level gets high enough
    • Regardless of which way we go, we plan to meet The Hopkins at either Oak Canyon (mile 49 ish) or in the San Juan Arm (mile 60 ish).  The rough ETA is 4pm
    • Dinner is XYZ - Cooks are ???
  • Sunday 6/25
    • White Swim Suit Day
    • 9am group morning workout brought to you by ????
    • Thrift Store Costume night
    • Dinner is XYZ - Cooks are ???
  • Monday 6/26
    • Black Swim Suit Day
    • 9:30am group morning workout brought to you by ????
    • Couples Cornhole Competition
    • Maybe Fireworks night (Hopkins put on a massive  show!)
    • Dinner is XYZ - Cooks are ???
  • Tuesday 6/27
    • Hopkins leave around 8am
    • 10am group morning workout brought to you by ????
    • Dinner is XYZ - Cooks are ???
  • Wednesday 6/28
    • Dinner is XYZ - Cooks are ???
  • Thursday  6/29
    • Move boats closer to Marina  (Padre Bay Ish)
    • Birthday party for Randi?
    • Dinner is XYZ - Cooks are ???
  • Friday  6/30
    • X-Star heads home  - 8am?  (Chris, Aneyda,  Aden,  Dany, Dallas, McKenna and Jahazie)
    • Dinner is XYZ - Cooks are ???
  • Saturday 7/1
    • Dinner is XYZ - Cooks are ???
  • Sunday 7/2
    • Head back to Marina around 7am