Custom Booths With Large Stainless Steel Back Wall, Vented Ceiling and Red/Green LED

These Booths Include The Following Features

  • Custom Stainless Steel Back Wall With Large Housing
  • Extra Large Buddy Window On Both The Right & Left of Center Booth
  • Custom Ceiling That Has a Red/Green LED For Occupied & Vacant
  • Extra Tall Booths With Cut Doors On Top & Bottom
      3 Booths
      3 Booths In a Row
      Housing With Green LED On
      Stainless Steel Back Wall and Housing
      Stainless Housing
      Large Buddy Window
      Detail of Ceiling
      Door Closed With Red
      Red with Door Open
      Green Door Closed
      Green Door Open
      Green Ceiling
      Booth Detail
      Door Knob
      Floor Plan
      Detail of Buddy Window
      Ceiling Drawing