Our revenues have increased well over 35%!

I thought I would write to you and provide some feedback on how our Videotel Digital Arcade was performing. During the summer of 2008 we revamped our store, got rid of our old 32 channel Phase III system (not all the channels worked), and of course installed our first Videotel system. The results, and even the installation process, have exceeded our expectations. I also appreciate that you quickly answered all my questions even before I had purchased the system.
Our store renovation saw us expand the number of booths to 16 and increase the number of large booths from 2 to 4.
The installation process went relatively smoothly, the installation guide and video were very useful. The first system we ever installed was a Phase III system and the installation documents, to be very generous, were very scant so the information we received from you was very welcome. More importantly, whenever we encountered a problem or had any questions, excellent technical support was only a phone call away. Every question we posed was answered quickly, confidently and professionally by Travis who is probably the most even tempered person I have ever met!
While a smooth installation is indeed important, profits are why we do what we do. On that measure we are very pleased with our Videotel system. You advertise that stores can expect, on average, a 35% increase in revenues and I must confess that, initially, I thought we would get about a 25% increase, which would have been acceptable. In many cases, I find that companies overestimate revenue increases that result from their product, but in this case we were very pleasantly surprised to find that our revenues exceeded not only our expectations but yours as well. Our revenues have increased well over 35%. Revenues are being maintained even after the system has been operating for 2 years.
Recently, with the economy being sluggish we saw a small drop in revenues in late 2009 and early 2010. We saw this as a good time to upgrade our system from 120 channels to 180 channels. A new streaming server was installed in late May (the installation was quick and occurred without any problems) and if current trends continue, June will be our best arcade month EVER!
No system is perfect; I understand they are complicated pieces of equipment operating using specialty software. Problems occur and it is important that they are dealt with quickly. The old cliché time is money still applies. Travis does an amazing job of addressing and fixing any problems that we have. My staff has found his professional demeanour “stress reducing”. Even when I had to call Travis for an emergency on a Sunday morning he was his usual calm self. When I am out of town, I am reassured by the fact that if my staff has any problems I know that your tech support will solve them.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to us maintaining a long and profitable relationship.
Yours truly,
Allan Wesley
Times Square Books
Edmonton, Canada